This Seasons Best Strawberry Shortcake Girl Pajama Sets

Strawberry Shortcake Tutti Fruity Cutie Pajama SetPerfect for year round use, this collection of Strawberry Shortcake cartoon pajama sets will have your little girl looking as sweet and innocent as Strawberry herself. Whether your child is a fan of the original cartoon series from the 1970’s that captured the hearts of so many children or has fallen in love with Strawberry Shortcake, her cat Custard and all of her other friends from the recent cartoon and movie adapations, they are sure to instantly love these fun and stylish pajama sets. 

Strawberry Shortcake “Tutti Fruity Cutie” Cartoon Pajama Set

What little girl wouldn’t love waking up in the morning in this cute and cuddly Strawberry Shortcake “Tutti Fruity Cutie” pj’s! These comfy pajamas feature a large image of Strawberry with the words “Tutti Fruity Cutie” displayed in large lettering. The pajama top features cap sleeves, a slit at the neckline, a ruffled hem, and a colorful graphics. Complimenting the set, the matching pants have a watermelon medley pattern and ruffled cuffs in a gorgeous red and pink striped coloring. Both items are made of a soft and breathable material and are flame resistant and machine washable for added piece of mind.

Strawberry Shortcake “Heartberries” 2 Piece Pajama Set

Strawberry Shortcake Heartberries Pajama Set

Your daughter will be looking pretty in pink in this Strawberry Shortcake “Heartberries” girls pajama set. Comfortable and stylish, the pajama top features cap sleeves, ruffles on the shoulders, and a colorful graphic of Strawberry Shortcake with heart-shaped berries. The matching pants have a distinctive medley print with ruffled cuffs. Both items are machine washable and are made from 100% fire resistant polyester material.

Adorable Strawberry Shortcake “Sweatheart” Girls Toddler Pajamas

Strawberry Shortcake Sweetheart Girls Pajamas

Imagine seeing your toddler running down the hallway first thing in the morning looking as cute as a button in these pink Strawberry Shortcake “Sweetheart” pajama set. This adorable set features a large image of Strawberry Shortcake inside a love heart on a pink, short-sleeve top. The set is completed by pink pajama bottoms that incorporate ruffled bottoms and have an all-over print of colorful strawberries. These pajamas are flame resistant and are made from100% Polyester for easy cleaning and wrinkle resistance.

Girls “Tu Tu Cute” Strawberry Shortcake Pajama Set

Girls Strawberry Shortcake Tu Tu Cute Pajamas

Your little girl or loved one will adore these comfy pajamas, featuring her favorite cartoon character, Strawberry Shortcake! Coming in a distinctive light and dark pink color, the pajama top features a V-neck with patterned trim, ribbing on the cuffs and hem, and a “Tu Tu Cute!” graphic with Strawberry Shortcake practicing ballet. The matching pants have a medley print, an elastic waistband, and glittery buttons on the ribbed cuffs. Constructed from flame Resistant, 100% polyester material, these cartoon pajamas are machine washable in warm water.

“Berry Princess” Strawberry Shortcake PJ set

strawberry shortcake perry princess pjs

Your child will be as cute as can be when dressed in these Strawberry Shortcake “Berry Princess” PJs! The pink pajama top features elastic in the neckline, puffy sleeves with bow details, and a vibrant graphic of Strawberry Shortcake on the front. The matching pajama bottoms incorporate an elastic waistband for the ultimate in comfort and a Strawberry Shortcake medley print on a delightful pink background. These pajamas will look terrific for years with a gentle machine wash and are constructed from comfortable, 100% polyester for added fire resistance and durability.

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