Batman Costume Pajamas With CapeBatman Costume Pajamas With Cape

Why dress your child in regular pajamas when they could go to bed wearing these adorable Batman pajamas, shaped liked Batman’s iconic superhero costume, complete with cape. These  100% polyester boys pajamas come in a cute two-pack, with one pajama set featuring the Adam West era Batman costume while the second set are completely in black, just like Batman’s costume in the recent movies. The included cape attaches easily with Velcro so your child can decide whether to wear their Batman cape when they go off to bed.

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lego batman robin pajamasThe combination of Lego and Gotham City’s famous crime fighter, Batman, will have your child looking adorable as they dream of driving the Batmobile and saving the world from the likes of The Joker. This collection of Batman pajamas for boys all feature the new wave of Lego stylized characters and are available in child sizes ranging from 4 to 16.

Lego Batman & Robin “Gotham Heroes” Pajama Set For Boys

The perfect Batman boys pajama set for summer, this red and black Lego Batman & Robin 2 piece set will have your child going “Pow” and “Boom”. The pajama top features a large image that covers he entire front of the top, with Lego Robin and the caped crusader surrounded by some of their biggest enemies, including Two-Face, The Penguin and The Joker, portrayed in Lego form. The matching black pajama pants feature an elastic waist for extra comfort and a proper fit with a medley print of our famous Gotham City heroes. This Batman pajama set for boys is constructed from 100% polyester and is flame resistant and is machine washable. [Click For More Lego Batman Pajamas]

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